To serve adults and youth in  revitalizing, developing, and sustaining “Green” Detroit Neighborhoods, block-by-block, through: neighborhood maintenance,  renewable/sustainable energy housing; organic urban farming, and green job training/green job creation.

The Auset Center is a Detroit-based non-profit organization committed to working cooperatively,  through our “Back on-the-Block Projects™ ” to revitalize, develop and sustain Green Detroit Neighborhoods.

At the Auset Center we believe that community engagement and cooperation serves the greater “good of the whole.” To that point, we seek resources and prospective alignments with individuals and organizations that share our cooperative eco-mission.

Commitment is the hallmark of Detroit communities. Through our bedrock cooperative work, the Auset Center is committed to advance the positive identification of Detroit neighborhoods exemplified by their vital,  pro-active, creative, resilient, cohesive and self-reliant members.

AEeTech Edutainment Inc.-

Detroit Community Food Security Network-

Detroit Mural Factory Gardens-

the HERU Organization-

Metro Home Medical Supply-

Motor City Blight Busters-

Public Art Workz -

Sage Tree Works-

Every pivotal socially-defining moment in our collective histories has begun with the arts communities. Our fine artists, both visual and performing, create the images and sounds that give us visions of the future and messages of hope.

At the Auset Center, we honor the contributions of the Fine Arts community and support those selfless individuals who dedicate their skills and craft to creating a beautiful and sustainable tomorrow.